Call for support

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If you wish to support our event please contact

How to support us

Volunteers including refugees and migrants, students, journalists and techies from across Amsterdam and surrounding cities are coming together for two days to work on solutions that will give back to their communities and help refugees and migrants. If you are an individual interested to support this groups with

●10 EUR ●20 EUR ●30 EUR or more, contact us at Your support if greatly appreciated!

What we have:
● A LAB has graciously given us their space for 3 days from Feb 47
● has donated 100 EUR
● Free Press Unlimited has donated 250 EUR and 10 NetAidKits

What we need:
● Food and drinks for approximately 100 people for 2 days.
○ Lunch x 2 days x 100 people Feb 56
○ Coffee and tea x 2 days x 100 people Feb 56
○ Juices and soft drinks x 2 days x 100 people Feb 56
○ Wine and beer x 3 days for 100 people Feb 46

For organizations we offer the following sponsorship opportunities:

Sponsorship Level 1
● Lumpsum in any amount to go towards costs of the hackathon

Sponsorship Level 2
● Cover needs for 1 day of the event

Sponsorship Level 3
● Cover needs for full three day event

We anticipate approximately 100 attendees for the two day hackathon or even more. Currently, we have 25 people signed up on the HacksHackers Meetup Group, 30 students from the University of Amsterdam will take part, 30 students from the University in Rotterdam and many more who are continuing to RSVP through Media coverage for the event is growing Journalists from Trouw, de Volkstrant, One World and other media outlets have requested to cover the event and the list is expanding. The Innovation Station will also come and do a video series on the event.

Current supporters

The Refugee Hackathon is supported by Hacks/Hackers Amsterdam , A Lab , and the University of Amsterdam Media Studies departmentHacksHackers is an independent organization made up of volunteers who are dedicated to journalism and technology. We pride ourselves on our ability to collaborate with diverse groups and facilitate a space where innovation can happen. Donations to support our activities and the people we strive to help is greatly appreciated.