Wifi Hotspot

Wi Here is a mobile device that removes the obstacles that refugees face when it comes to access the internet, this devices will provide a secure internet connection for the undocumented refugees of the We Are Here collective. Thanks to its batteries it keeps providing connectivity in the situation on which a collective is being evicted from their location. The device can be taken into demonstrations, marches or specific actions operating as a digital representation of the We Are Here collective.

The device makes it possible for the We Are Here collective to distribute files, images, statements and flyers wirelessly.  Beyond connectivity it also functions as a portable digital toolkit and library for the collectives with a local radio broadcast service, and communication service.


Overview of the project

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Contact details
Manuel Beltrán



The Interview

90% of all rejected asylum requests are rejected because the client’s story is deemed untrustworthy. But to tell a coherent story in a an IND interview that takes up to 8 hours is quite hard. Especially when stress, expectations, trauma, shame or cultural barriers are involved. Based on extensive research, we are showing the complications involved in this central element of the Dutch asylum procedure.

Title of the simulation
Het Nader Gehoord (The Interview)

A project of Butch & Sundance Media in partnership with Trouw and OneWorld

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UP! Is a project by and for asylum seeking children in the Netherlands. The project consists of an online platform UP!, film workshops MovieMixMozaiek and a day at Cinekid Festival with movies and new media. UP ! connects refugee children with their friends.

During the Refugee Hackathon, the UP team, with the help of volunteers, decided to reach out to a user experience consultant. They will help them rethink the way the platform will be developed in order to ensure that it will be useful and engaging to children. In addition, they learnt that the content management system they are currently using is rigid and that WordPress would be a more suitable option.




Door to the Dutch

The Newcomers’ guide to activities in the Netherlands.

We are a platform for connecting refugees to activities in the Netherlands. Right now, a lot of activities are organised by individuals for refugees. At the same time, there are a lot of refugees that would like join these activities! But somehow, they don’ t find each other. Our platform helps refugees finding activities and courses, without depending on others to approach them and helps initiatives connect to these newcomers.