Documentary Screening We Are Here


Documentary Screening and Panel Discussion

February 4, 19:00, A-Lab Amsterdam

HacksHackers recognises the incredible value of cross-pollination between people with diverse contexts and expertise. In addition to hacking on projects, we therefore also provide a space for discussion.

HacksHackers is organising a 2-day Refugee Hackathon on February 5 & 6 in Amsterdam. In order to engage a wider audience and to provide space to introduce and discuss various journalistic forms of addressing the current refugee and migrant situation in and outside of Europe, we will open the Refugee Hackathon on the evening of February 4 with a presentation of the hackathon projects, a documentary screening and a debate.

We will screen the documentary ‘WIJ ZIJN HIER!’ (by documentary filmmaker Alexandra Jansse) telling the story of the Dutch refugee collective We Are Here in order to introduce a journalistic format which provides inside to the wider public about the situation of refugees in the Netherlands and their struggle to live in peace FROM a refugee perspective.

Following the screening we will discuss different forms of journalistic work on the situation of refugees and migrants. The media play a central role in the way wider civil society and the general public receives information and helps shape public opinion on certain issues. When it comes to refugees and migrants, the narrative in the media is ever more important as public and government action needs to happen fast. The way information is collected, shaped and made available also impacts the way decisions are made on a policy level.

The core intention of the debate shall be a joined exploration of the current framing of the refugee and migrant situation in the media.

  • Can we talk about a neutral framing of the situation?
  • How have efforts for in-depth analysis into the topic been used by the media and policy-makers?
  • How do refugee organisations and activist perceive the framing of information?
  • Can we speak about a danger the media is exposing on the situation?

Those and other questions will be tackled throughout the evening, engaging journalists, researchers, and refugee organisations and activists.

The Panelists:

Moderator: Lara Staal, Frascati Theatre
Sinan Abdullah Rehman, We Are Here
Massimiliano Sfregola, We Are Here
Eva Schram,
Karlijn Muiderman, The Broker


19:00-19:30    Welcome and introduction of hackathon projects

19:30-20:45    Documentary

20:45-21:45    Panel discussion

21:45-22:30    Closing and drinks

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